My Story

Many years ago, I was born as the first child of a military officer and a teacher. As a result of being an officer’s child, I completed my education moving to many regions of my country from the east to the west, while experiencing different names, flavours, morals and customs. In the end, as the adventure was over, I returned to my home, to Istanbul. I spent my most beautiful and creative years of my life during High School.

While I was a university student, I started to work in one of the largest banks in the world to gain experience. I was only 21 years old, and I was trying to “manage”, even “be a leader to” a team of 16 members. I struggled a lot to find the right way like a little fish in the ocean. I would say it was one of the most educational years of my life.

Each new year, I progressed in my career with new positions and responsibilities. As years passed, even though I was advancing, rising further in corporate life and still fondly in the education business, there was something that didn’t fulfil me. Nothing could fill that void in my life. I started to feel that I was turning into a “pawn in the box” in a chess game called “corporate world” and couldn’t break free of the squares on the board. The world was no longer as free, full of potentials, open to opportunities as it was during my high school years.


While I was hoping to go back to my high school years, be myself, feel my presence without limits and have a purpose again, a miracle happened, and I met COACHING!

Then I realised that I was late for coaching. I had already lost ten years of my life. In fact, this should be the story of me not knowing about coaching when I needed it most.

Now I know that it was me who drew that chessboard. Within the rules the live set, as well as I did, I moved around on the board like a pawn, restricting my self more and more each day, forgetting about my potential. When I met COACHING, I rediscovered myself and my potential. Most importantly, I find out my life purpose and how to make conscious choices in line with this goal.

Since that day, whenever I think of impossibility, I realise that I raised those walls and enjoyed breaking them down! 🙂

I know that every individual has some part of their lives lost in dead ends they created just like I did and as years pass and they get old when the life of opportunities is long past, an album of “if only”s is all that remains.

That is why I dedicated myself to coaching. To ensure that “if only”s are no longer a part of our lives, to live a satisfied, happier life with the pride of self-made choices. I achieved this, and I wish to help others achieve the same. To help them say “I did it my way”, as Frank Sinatra sang in the song.

Now, this Christmas do something for yourself, and have a free of charge coaching session with me!

Just send an email to my direct email address,

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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