Is a Coach Outside Of The Company (External Coach) Required For Coaching?

Based on the definition of coaching, it is clear that a leader cannot be only a pure coach to one of his/her employees due to the existing hierarchical relationship. Because a leader has his/her own agenda and performance targets for the employee for whom he/she carries responsibility and is even liable for. This prevents the leader from taking an impartial approach.

However, one of the essential attitudes a leader must have is the coaching approach. This attitude is especially necessary for employee development meetings where it can be used to get a good effect on basic coaching attitude and techniques.

The important thing for a leader is to be able to discern whether or not a coaching-oriented approach is required by compulsory or non-negotiable instructions.


  • Strengthen strengths and weaken weaknesses

  • Perception of individual responsibility and the team responsibility taken for others

  • Discovering new ways of thought and creativity

  • Establishing employee satisfaction

  • Developing different points of view

  • Improving personal development and creating value for the company

  • Helping people through change processes





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