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Biran’s primary passion, who experienced the positive effects of individual leadership development and change, is to intervene the reflection of these positive impacts first to the individuals than to the world.

Biran started her professional career at HSBC, one of the most significant banks in the world. She took on the duties of Team Leader, Facilitator, Academy Leader, Head of Leadership Trainings and European Head of Onboarding Programmes for more than ten years.

She performed as HR Training Manager for three years at Bayer Turk, as she was also accredited Global Bayer Academy Leadership Trainer. She continues to serve as a Global Bayer Academy Leadership Trainer.

During her corporate career, she primarily worked on the design and delivery of leadership training, during her project management processes she experienced working together with and leading different teams, cultures and countries. She is conducting projects in various countries/sectors/companies on leadership, coaching, mentoring, facilitation and human resources.

Biran, who is an ICF accredited executive coach, completed her coaching foundation programmes by CTI Fundamentals, Fulfilment, Balance, Process, Synergy and Certification. Then she started to practice Coaching Leaders after completion of TPCL  Coaching Leaders Course in the UK. She is also a member of  ICF and EMCC.

She is an Associate Partner at TPC Leadership performing as a Leadership Development Consultant, facilitator, coach and mentor. She contributes to the development of Leadership Development Programmes and delivers TPCL Practitioner Coaching Certification Programmes.

She contributes to the development of the leadership concept in the world by being an ambassador and a coach of the WYSE International Leadership Programme.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership Skills
  • Coaching/Mentoring in Leadership
  • Communication Skills
  • Feedback, Feedforward
  • Personal & Corporate Values
  • Manager Trainee (MT) Programmes
  • Leadership Development Programmes
  • Competency Studies
  • Assessment & Development Center
  • Human Resources Training Management Systems
  • Corporate Academy Establishment





Biran Consulting is collaborating with TPC Leadership, Munich Leadership Group and Movendo Consulting in various international projects.


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