I had the chance to work with Biran when I was feeling stuck in my life and I had the feeling that I wouldn’t be able to solve my problems alone. At that stage of my life, Biran showed me new ways of thinking and different approaches for dealing with my problems. Without any single judgement, she helped me define my feelings, face my problems and finally work on them. It was a quite new experience for me to share my privacy with a person who does not know me at all but being so objective, positive and professional Biran was the right coach for me and I really enjoyed the time I spent with her. I have to say; I am still using some of the approaches that she showed me when I struggle and remember her with a smile.

Sanem Basaran Aktan

Senior Buyer at Stradivarius, Inditex

Thanks a lot, Biran!

It was a great opportunity to have Biran as my coach last year, during the whole process she supported me in facing challenges and in believing in my strengths. It was a great partnership where together we built our ways of working so I could every day give another step towards my goal. Her guidance was essential to my process, she was always looking for the best way to connect me with what I would need to take each next step.

Thank you, Biran, for believing in me and for showing me that we can achieve our dreams!

Gabriela Gonçalves Ferreira

HR Development Consultant at Sofia Calheiros & Associates


It was a great partnership

I decided to work with a “coach” while I was in a chaos that I could not get over it by myself. A friend of mine told me about Biran. In our first meeting, as we were just getting to know each other, she helped me to verbalize my problems which I could not even sort out in my mind. In each and every session, she helped me to see the ways, realities and the needs which I couldn’t realize before even though they were standing just in front of me. During the times when I couldn’t express what I mean, she helped me to visualize by closing my eyes and live the options in my imagination. During our sessions, I understood that most of the times there are more than 2 options. I met with my inner voices, that I ignored, and consulted them. I gave up looking at myself almost as an enemy and became a friend to myself. I began to change my habits which I thought I could never change. Although I had some doubts about the potential benefits of this journey, in the beginning, Biran’s positivity, open-mindedness, professionalism and her friendly attitude helped me understand that working with a coach was the best decision I made for myself. Thank you very much!

Zeynep Yilmaz

Customer Procurement Manager – DECATHLON

Thank you very much!

Biran has a deep knowledge and experience on establishing and developing the learning systems and programmes in line with the organizations’ visions, values and competencies. We also worked together with Biran on delivering Leadership Training projects. She is a very successful facilitator. I definitely recommend her to all organizations for leadership trainings.

Osman Demirel

Head of HR – BAYER

I definetly recommend her

My self-development journey with Biran continued for almost a half-year. She had an important influence on my self-development and deepening my awareness during my period of change and transformation. I have always felt Biran’s support during challenging times and I sincerely thank Biran for being my fellow traveller, helping me to reach my goals without any personal agendas and most of all for supporting me to get closer to myself.


Ilksen Onay

CX Cloud Account Manager – ORACLE

I sincerely thank Biran for being my fellow traveller

I know Biran for quite a long time and attended several training sessions on the subject of “leadership, coaching and feedback” all facilitated by herself. What I remember most from her characteristic beside being open minded and self-trained is her communication style which makes each participant very eager to be involved in and find their own way out by building self-confidence. I firmly suggest her to whom looking for Leadership Development Programmes. I am looking forward to participating her next session in a joint project.

Tolga Tan

Technical Manager, External Supply, MEA – GSK

Looking forward to participate her next session