I decided to work with a “coach” while I was in a chaos that I could not get over it by myself. A friend of mine told me about Biran. In our first meeting, as we were just getting to know each other, she helped me to verbalize my problems which I could not even sort out in my mind. In each and every session, she helped me to see the ways, realities and the needs which I couldn’t realize before even though they were standing just in front of me. During the times when I couldn’t express what I mean, she helped me to visualize by closing my eyes and live the options in my imagination. During our sessions, I understood that most of the times there are more than 2 options. I met with my inner voices, that I ignored, and consulted them. I gave up looking at myself almost as an enemy and became a friend to myself. I began to change my habits which I thought I could never change. Although I had some doubts about the potential benefits of this journey, in the beginning, Biran’s positivity, open-mindedness, professionalism and her friendly attitude helped me understand that working with a coach was the best decision I made for myself. Thank you very much!

Zeynep Yilmaz

Customer Procurement Manager – DECATHLON


Thank you very much!